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The world’s first private consultation
platform for CEOs 

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

We are former partners in the traditional consulting industry and our mission is to build the world’s most CEO-centric platform and revolutionize the entire consulting industry by creating a new business standard.

Creative Director: Dan Weisman

Strategy: Limor Erlichman BRANDON

Copy: Tal Berkovitch Beanglit

(in Baruch Nae Strategic Design studio)


The design emphasis is on the path, the path led by the consultant towards a relevant goal. Each CEO is personally given an advisor who guides him or her and takes him or her forward. While the arrow is the leader the CEO is the point from which the journey begins and it stretches and reaches the desired goal

The design language was built so that it would also be internally suitable for recruiting consultants. And external to allow CEOs the service.


Next Project

Poalim Digital.

A refresh of one of israel’s most recognized bank. Changing the way we bank.

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

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