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A brand project for an advanced health care nanocoating company, 

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

Qlearon is  an advanced and cost-effective nanocoating platform, that harnesses the antimicrobial powers of natural elements to ensure healthier living and work environments.

Creative Director: Dan Weisman Strategy: Limor Erlichman BRANDON 

Copy: Eyal Edut

(in Baruch Nae Strategic Design studio)


QLEARON's technology turns any static mass into an active mass that fights bacteria and viruses. Any substance to which QLEARON's technology is attached will become an active dynamic substance that kills bacteria, QLEARON manufactures an antibacterial firewall for any material.

The branding identity is also stretched over the names of the products themselves


Next Project

Alka's Site.

creating  a business / e-commerce website for Alka group company 

Web Design

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