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Alka's Site.

creating  a business / e-commerce website for Alka group company 

Web Design


We created multiple avenues of visual communication that can generate increased levels of engagement. 
Our site is built from a modular grid that that can place any content in a given time. In this way we enabled Alka to own rather then a static website to a dynamic one, a website that can change according to the many activities in which the company engages and will engage in the future.

Creative Director: Dan Weisman
Development: Rich Kid

(in Baruch Nae Strategic Design studio)

We decided to go for a box design that allows us flexibility in inserting different content at high frequent times but maintains a uniform appearance along all the different templates and inserts. consist of setting clearly defined boundaries for the main body of the page. This layout has a fixed width that compartmentalizes all of the content.


Next Project


Creating a brand language for a social network build entirely and only for autonomous things.

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

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