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Arkia Airline.

Establishing the brand core through the flying experience in Arkia's new airbus fleet.

Aerospace and aviation design.

The new branding we did for Arkia airline as a leisure airline, gave me the opportunity to visual translate this strategy directly into the flight experience itself. Directly in the aircraft outer and inner design. Arkia decided as part of its renewal strategy to acquire and strengthen its aircraft fleet. A year's work as Arkia's design authority in directing the design guidelines to Airbus company in Toulouse brought me the opportunity to experience  the world of aerospace design 

Creative Director: Dan Weisman Strategy: Limor Erlichman BRANDON 

(in Baruch Nae Strategic Design studio)


From the livery to the seams in the passenger seat. The work on details is almost endless. Building a business experience versus coach. How the entrances to the rows will be made compared to the boarding and the appearance of the galley. How to maintain the brand language throughout all the details of the aircraft

In the image below you can see some of the details we had to go through to make the flight experience complete.


First meeting in Touluse with Airbus, I presented the future design planning of Arkia's fleet. In the presentation, I showed each aircraft in a different color and, accordingly, its interior appearance. The Airbus team expressed readiness but stopped and asked "Which of the colors was chosen? What is the aircraft hue? I explained “Oh it's clear, we chose all of them, this is a FUN airline" 


Silence in the Airbus team


But at the end of the day Arkia has a fleet of 8 planes with different colors!


Next Project


Rebranding one of the largest air conditioning and digital goods companies in Israel.

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

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