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Rebranding one of the largest air conditioning and digital goods companies in Israel.

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

Controlling the weather. Tadiran allows us to create a smart alternative atmosphere and an ideal indoor environment so that we are always protected, with clean breathing air for  better and healtier life. Tadiran strives to be a sign of an inhaled lifestyle. As a brand that handles the air it aspires to provide quality and responsibility.

Creative Director: Dan Weisman

Strategy: Asaf Hatuka

(in Baruch Nae Strategic Design studio)


"Tadiran allows me to control the weather and when you control the weather you control the atmosphere".


This Tadiran strategy obliged us to look deeper and explore the visual world of weather observations and forecasts.


Weather forecasts  are currently represented in digital icons and applications and these same weather icons allow Tadiran to enhance the practical as well as emotional functionality of its products. So we took those icons and made them our own!


Next Project


Creating a brand language for a social network build entirely and only for autonomous things.

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

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